Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gotta Love the Cart Sale!

No-Nag Lag

What a splendoriferous lag-fest The Wash Cart Sale is, but so totally worth it!  Everything for 10L or less!  And the best part?  Kathy can go in there running 89 scripts, larded with flexi-prims, and not get nagged about it!  
Ooo, lookit all the goodies from Bag Lady Designs on sale-sale-sale!

Krashushka Krashovna von Kraschbruck

Back on the home-front, or at least in Lludmila's backyard, Kathy unpacks her shiny new potter's wheel and then crashes again.  This time it wasn't the faulty interwebs wiring (because her browser still worked), perhaps it was all the scripts - NOT.  Anyway, I love the crash photos and their grey tones.  This one seemed particularly poignant.

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