Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be a Silent Film Star

I'm, like, sooo available.

Okay, I'm addicted now.  I can't stop making the poses.  I chose to emulate Theda Bara's poses because of her sense of drama.  I'm still learning about poses.  For a while I had trouble getting them to stand still (my classical poses have that problem), but I think I've got that licked, now.  I have to set that root in the pelvis that I'd hitherto found no use for so that the av won't shift about with the standard animation.  And I put the priority all the way up to 4, which probably isn't strictly necessary.

Walk like an Egyptiannnnnn.

Perhaps a priority of 3 would allow the eyes to move.  Ahhhh, the learning curve!  Because of the dodgy quality (as well as paying back for all the freebies I've enjoyed in SL over the years), I'll be giving these away.  Not sure that there's much of a call for them.

Which came first, the Rodin or the Bara?[Yes, I do know the answer.]

Some of these poses might be more meaningful with props, furniture, or backdrops.  I might look into that.  One of the things I have found to be fun in the virtual world has been interactivity with "art."   Perhaps I will create an installation for people to just play in.

Help! I've lost me arm!

Belatedly I realized that an avatar with some meat on her would look better, or at least more authentic, than skinny Kathy.  We tend to associate the silent films with flappers - flappers that had no shape to interfere with the lines of the dresses.  But Theda Bara had some body fat on her which makes her look nicely upholstered and sensual.  So Angel was pressed into service.  Here she is above perched on the edge of something invisible. 

"Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits."

Love this raccoon-eyes skin from Heartsick - perfect for this silent film star thing.

ISO mantel and high-backed chair.

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