Thursday, August 16, 2012

Return of the Mushroom Hunt

When I was little, I watched this horror film that I thought was called "Return of the Mushroom People" but is apparently called "Attack of the Mushroom People."  So, I was intrigued by this mushroom hunt at the HAL-Kaze, LsKingdom, & amoroso shopping areas.  The scam is to help the Mushroom King by finding his "princes" - other little very, very colorful mushrooms.  You have to pick up the HUD for this and there is also a map of the hunt area - but beware which 'shrooms you click on!  There are ninja mushrooms as well!

This hunt was a lot of fun and the shopping area is charming.  There are also small gifts to be found that will actually turn you into a sort of mushroom (just like the movie! oh nooooooes!) and at the end you report to the King (pictured above) and can pick your prize.

It's also totally worthwhile to check out the various lucky boards in the hunt area!  In no time Lludmila picked up four of the five prizes above at Dogtooth Violet.

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