Tuesday, July 16, 2013

L'après-midi d'une zombie

Quark Fallen has created a new ambient space at Leroy, a relaxing site purely for enjoyment. The slurl takes you to the ship where you can choose your destination (in this case, Quiet After Evening), but while you're there, click on the isovii subscribo so you'll be notified of further developments and receive little gifties! 

Hmmm, what's that on the table? Could there be little surprises for the visitor?

There could, unfortunately, while trying to photograph them Lludmila deleted her photoblock out from under her ...

Again?! Ohhh, shhhhugar.

And then, while trying to recreate her whole photo system, Awen went into Restart and Lludmila had to go to her RL job so even she doesn't know what all she got. sigh.


Just take Lludmila's word for it. Go to Leroy, click on everything and see what you get.

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