Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stop Whatcher Doing

Particle show by Particle Tom at the Panorama Gallery.

Yesterday I was editing a photo to put on my other blog exhorting folks to click on a Midnight Mania board over at Brain Circuit (which I never got around to posting) when I looked at the time and said to myself, "Oh, Timo sent me that invite to some particle thingie at the Panorama Gallery! I should go now because it said something about getting there early." And, besides, I love particles!

After it started, I put a notice on Plurk about it, but I don't think anyone paid any attention to it - and it was your loss.

The program by Particle Tom ran for more than an hour with music and spectacular particle effects. Go put on a New Age station and watch a slideshow of this: Ubuntu on Flickr. It won't take up a whole hour. There are only 113 photos. I'd only intended to take a few and the next thing I knew, I had 50. The show starts out "slow" and builds. It really was impressive. 

If you get an invitation like this, stop what you're doing - drop everything. Experiences like this don't come along every day.

It's pure luck that I caught Particle Tom in the center of the circle!

From the notecard:

PANORAMA GALLERY Presents a Particle Performance:

UBUNTU (I am because we are)

A Performance by Particle Tom
Music provided by DJ Sunshine

Saturday July 13, 2013 @ 2pm SLT

Artist Statement:

Particle performance is helping me define what are unique art forms within Second Life.
As a computer artist in RL , I entered SL knowing only that it was a virtual reality environment with a
social subtext.  What I have discovered for myself is the total joy I experience from 
from full immersion as a performer, celebrating in community events in SL.

I have a strong commitment to service work in my RL and use my performances to contribute to the sense of community that we experience in SL.  I especially enjoy live events in SL for this reason.

This live performance path that I walk is expressed in the title for this show, “Ubuntu” which loosely translates as “I am because we are.”   I honor the the talented artists and scripters who have given me the tools, knowledge and encouragement to go forth and bring us together as I say "For the glory of the light."

During this show, my South African DJ, Sunshine and I have been experiencing another community event, the changes that face South Africa with the declining health of Nelson Mandela.  His belief in a vision for Africa seem reflected in some of the songs selected for this performance.  I offer our prayers for his health and for the emergence of  vision and leadership to guide the South African people when he is gone.

Particle Tom

After the performance and still trailing particles!

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