Saturday, July 27, 2013

She's Ba-ack!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (and fun!) Jungle Pool!

Zinnia is back from her trip to Cambodia and has this most amazing gift for us: a jungle pool based on Angkor Wat. I am soooo envious of her trip!
Zinnia's is one of Lludmila's favorite furniture shops. Heavens to Betsy! She even buys thing there! Full price! Her inventory is also graced by many of Zinnia's hunt prizes.

Southwestern bathhouse.

Bed with anims - don't worry about Kathy being on the bed
with Cal. Cal and Lludmila have an open relationship.

Sofa ... and Annthrasite.

Psychiatrist chair and sofa - past hunt prize.
Lludmila and Cal have a serious discussion about that tart, Kathy.

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