Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Endless Love Leads to Endless Hunting

"Fresh horses!"

Animated hay wagon from Ghostraven's Steampunk & Pirates.

Almost the right size!

Renaissance bed from Swan. It's recommended for smaller or medium size avatars. Lludmila's 4'8" and it doesn't dwarf her like beds usually do. Yay!

Gypsy vardo from MacMoragh and Muse

Lludmila's ready for a vacation.

Traveler's trunk from The Vintage Touch.

Animations also supply props like this fan.

Love the details!

Come up and see me sometime.

Lludmila should have remembered not to drink the water in
the middle ages.

Red Gypsy Wagon from Mystique for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt.


Amalia on top - as usual.

Kathy kapers.

Acrobats and stage from the Medieval Fantasy and Renaissance hunts at Swan. Many thanks to Waldron and Amalia for helping Kathy out with the acrobatics. These are a Must Have!

After all this hunting, Lludmila had to soak her feet in ...
oh darn - hope this is mod. What, do they make these
things for giants?!

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