Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Revolutions and Independent Objects

All the hunts still going on at Sweet Revolutions/Independent Objects and the nice sim make it fun to poke around. The prizes are fairly large constructs. Lludmila had to rez them at Waldinsel for the room.

Oh. Em. Gee. This thing is huge.

Basic house above.

Climbing animation with varying speed. Lemme tell you,
choosing "very fast" was a mistake in reference to photos.

Ginormous tree with treehouse - Medieval Fantasy hunt.

Climbing up the pier. Some of these guys should eat more cookies.

View from the top. Love the swirling water!

Mini pirate island - Skull and Bones hunt. A larger, more elaborate version is available in a sale version for those who like the prize sample.

Where's Cal when you need him?

Ooo, changing some tree leaf and fern colors.

Romantic campfire scene with seasonal color changes - The Renaissance Hunt.

Nice stained glass.

With a little cemetary and some pines.

Small medieval church - Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

Standing on glass that high up makes Lludmila nervous.

Amazing sky doom or dome of doom (hee!) - Four Seasons Hunt


Gwen von Aurora said...

Thank you so much for Blog our store. Its always a pleasure for us.
A warmly hug Gwen

Gwen von Aurora said...

Thank you so much for your Work. its always a pleasure for me and su to read reviews or just to know that someone likes our work.

A warmly hug