Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Goodies From the Ren-umm Mediev-umm, Whatever Hunt

Sherwood Forest outfit & Lindy boots.

Wow, they must've been right about that mini-ice age.

Fortune-telling table w/ chair and 3 guest chairs.

Lludmila, still being punished for screwing up the hunt info.

Kathy's favorites: circus themed curtains, chair,
knife-throwing wheel.

Tamiron Forge - Sherwood Forest outfit (TRH)
Lindy Shoes - Boots (TRH)
United InshCon - Fortune-Telling table (MFH)
RVi Design - Knife-Throwing Wheel (MFH)
The Elegant Goth - Rounded Circus Themed Curtains (MFH)
Almost Wonderland - Wonderland Circus Chair (MFH)

Don't take Lludmila's word for it. Check out the blogs:

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