Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Freebie Bonanza at Koenji

Lludmila is an avid reader of the Virtual Vagabond blog and was a touch too busy to catch up on all the goodies she missed until today.  She went to the Koenji sim to pick up the quilt and doily from Olive because she had a place at her house for that doily, ee-by-goom, and just "happened" to wander a bit.  Very close is a shop called Factory of Cark Moon and it had some unusual freebies ...

Got the small wagon right away, but our inventory is so full,
we've decided to just take pictures of things for y'all's sake.

... and some lucky boards set at five minutes.  Lludmila attached her Lucky Letter Listener, parked her av in front of the whispering lucky boards and let her camera stroll off to look at other shops.

Not sure why the whole picture didn't transfer ... but you get the idea.

At the KMH hair shop there was a free skybox on the counter - and we all know how obsessed with buildings Lludmila is now.  Totally white on the outside, it's a two-level space inside with a 360 degree panorama!  And it's only 5 prims, for those with strained prim limits.  You know what I want to do some day?  Of course you don't, but I'm gonna tell you anyway.  I'm going to layer all my skyboxes way up and pretend I'm an investment banker with a golden parachute.

Just a little farther down is the December Glasses and Accessories shop, with these elegant pince-nez for free.

There were more freebies and lucky boards, but we can only deal with so much at a time.

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SpaceCase said...

Glad you found some other freebies too, it's a fun sim. :)