Sunday, March 10, 2013


It's still winter at the +9 mainstore, so dress warm. Lludmila is amazed by all the things that are free there: shoes, tsochkes, food, poses.

If you find yours is "locked" - unlock it and it's modifiable. 

Make them whatever size you want!

 She did manage to find two things that were actually for sale, so you have to look carefully, but it's worth a trip.

Find the food that actually costs something!

Join the group and get gifts sent to you and a chance at the group lucky boards.

... but watch out for that vegetable patch.

Leave a tip on the stuffed bear if you find some freebies you like. Or just wander around. It's just a small skybox, but there's plenty to look at.

Pick up a free cushion with 6 sits. Ooo, that soup looks good!

Cozy up with some friends.

Gah! This water is cooooold!

A little back support. More tea, please!

+9 is more an experience than a shop. Find the teleport and visit Cafe Cherbourg where there are more lucky boards.

Set to 3 minute intervals!

Visit the pond area, where winter still clings on like grim death. But not far away is a beach bar.

Skate a bit, or trip next door for a bit of summer.

Just be careful about that "swimming" animation.

Rubber Ducky didn't want to "get involved."

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