Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ask And Receive

Remember the Starry Night van Gogh exhibit? Remember the vibrance of color, the thrill of immersion? I was just commiserating with friends a couple of days ago about how much I miss that particular build. I sent Ann out to find some art and after she got all depressed by what was on offer from the Destination Guide she saw a teleport to some van Gogh. There are some galleries and, as if in answer to a prayer, a van Gogh village. Ann had never been to the old exhibit, but was blown away by this one. You could spend hours there.

Ann waits in vain for the painting to rez.

But it isn't all just a series of reconstructions of paintings. This is a total environment with walks, a dance area, and beautiful scenery. It is definitely worth turning the render quality way up and suffering a bit of lag. Be sure to leave a tip so exhibits like this can continue.

Ann found this one of the most relaxing places she's ever visited.

Ann asks, "Is it shallow of me to really enjoy 'pretty'?" Well, let me think about that. ... Naaah.

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