Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Not Too Late!

A little feature for the garden ...

The Lady of Sorrow Temple at Chrome Armory was on sale for 55L for the Fifty 5 Thursday sales. It still is!   You save 95%! Or something like that. [Math, shmath!] Follow the path (past the icky clown) to the right to see it live and in-person.

Tudor Tustory

Also available at Chrome Armory at ridiculously low price, this two-story Tudor house for the 60L Weekend sale! A 500L value!

Right, I didn't have time to take this home and put it up somewhere to take pictures so you'd have time to pick up that temple before someone figures out it should go back up to 1299L. Yes, blogging is happening while still shopping. You see the dedication? Feel the love!

And, while the blogpost is still open, what a fabulous Twisted Hunt prize from Zinnia's - one of our favorite, favorite stores. It's the southwestern psychiatrist's office! What fun animations! Chair, couch, talking parrot (well, it squawks anyway), rug, wall hangings (including one of Freud)! And there's actually a hint! We love you, Zinnia's!

Kathy's outfit is a lucky board prize from May's Soul. Boots from Duh!


Simeon Beresford said...

Can't find those builds

Simeon Beresford said...

vant find any thing for sale at the chrome armoire LM

marfita said...

Link has been fixed - and it wasn't easy! I had to make it myself.