Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Hunting Day!

 New shop (new to me anyway)!  If you love the Fabulous 50s (and not only do I [sort of] remember them, but I am in them), what a great place to find Fabulous Furniture, Fashion, and paraPHernalia!  The shop is huge and just full of stuff.  I almost forgot to look for the hunt prize!

Funky Furniture!

Ruh-roh!  That tub is leaking!
Also worth visiting is THISnTHAT.  There are a few hunt prizes there - one for a minimum cost of 45L, but you get a whole deck with 2 chairs, a table, lights, and a ring to float in.  I think the ladder is a hilarious touch.

Lludmila relaxes in the evening at her new deck from THISnTHAT.

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