Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shredders' Delight!

You may or may not know that Cal is an avatar I created for my husband, who is a guitarist/inventor.  So, I'm always on the look-out for guitars for him and, boy, did we hit paydirt today!
I think we spent all of 10L at Witch Babe and this is what we came away with:

Cal models the double-neck guitar from the lucky board.

Note, Cal is also wearing his  new roller skates from  justB.

Guitar #3.

Lludmila rocks out with her freebie.

10L Base guitar from the Outlet.

All the guitars came with HUDs and there is also a free HUD available.  
Okay, we did have to join the two groups, but that was free as well.  I suppose Cal will look in vain for a free Martin Dreadnought.  I still haven't convinced him to play inworld. Oh well.

Guitars: Witch Babe
Men's clothes: Brain Circuit, Inc (A freebie and they look good on gal's too!)
Roller Skates: group gift in the notices at justB
Dress: A dollarbie from justB
Shoes: G. Field 

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