Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Like Magic!

Skipping rope with animation and it can be adjusted - I just didn't have time.
Note that I didn't get my regular eyes back in either.

More than one skip!  Here's the one foot.

Then the criss-cross.
There is nothing like a hunt!  Not only the the shark (cleverly hidden) at Magic Nook provide this terrific skipping rope, but there are a couple of free poses available!  The animation comes with a menu, so you can switch it off and the rope disappears until you turn it back on again.

I love discovering new shops.  This is why I don't do full hunts anymore - I see something on the blogs that I want, go to the shop, and then spend ages looking at everything.  Occasionally I even buy something.

World's Largest Mustache.

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