Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Le Stuffe Boof-ant!

BCF - hmmmm, who could it be?

I was chatting with my BCF (Best Canadian Friend) recently, talking about how tired I was with fashion and he was sharing landmarks to really really cute stuff, when he mentioned doing a blog about cute and fun stuff.  Well, there had been one of those.  I remember subbing to it ages ago when I still had a Bloglines account.  I recalled that Bloglines had not died the death that was threatened and went back to my old account, migrated it to whatever the new thing is, but still couldn't find that blog.  I guess it isn't being written anymore.
The least I can do is share what I think is fun.  It won't all be free stuff, but it will be relatively cheap and cute and fun.  And the latest fun place I found through, of course, the hunts, was Boof!
Here there be fun accessories: theme belts and things that hang out of your mouth, attachments with cute animations running around 30L and often less
PBRs & Seein' Stars
There's the ever popular drunk animation that comes with a knockin' it back, a sippin', and a six-pack o' Pabst.  Well, goddam!  When was the last time I had a PBR?  Prolly at some cheap-ass picnic. [ I consumed a refined and solemn Fat Weasel Ale tonight at dinner.]
Also pictured is the Seeing Stars attachment, that comes with a Seeing Stars HUD, so you can fall down without the PBR, for those of you who are really sensitive about references to over-consumption of alcohol.

Oy! Who turned out the lights? Nevermind.
Haven't you always wanted to be Uncle Fester?  I have.  You too can be, for only one Llinden.

Boof Freebie
 And there are freebies.  This one was particularly hilarious.  Can't wait for the next costume affaire chez Grizzy.

"Stop trying to bury us!"
Boof: for all your silly zombie accessories, such as signage that is nailed on.  There are also protest signs and, my favorite, the sandwich board that reads "Zombies are were people too!"

Ceci c'est en fait une pipe.
For some reason, the Tobacco Pipe Smokers Lounge Group on Flickr asked to have this added.  On the one hand, they must be getting desperate for pix of pipes, but on the other hand - aw, come on - look at it!  It's wonderful!

Okay, so where am I going with this?  The whole point of a Virtual Life is to have fun, innit?  Well, Boof! is another place to increase your chances of Virtual Fun.  See you there.

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