Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Hunting Overkill

Lludmila's gone right off fashion (sort of) and now only wants houses and furnishings, so when she was visiting Prism for the 60L Weekend Sale and saw the Happy Home Hunt sign, she thought she might try it.  The hunt costs one linden dollar, and this is just to buy the HUD at NightMaire, the first stop.  After that, the prizes are free.  The HUD gives you the hint and the landmark and you need to be wearing it to click on the pie.  

At first, ha ha, Lludmila thought she'd just go to shops she was familiar with ... but the next thing you know, she was hooked.  Below are just a few of the prizes from that hunt (and any other hunt also happening at those shops and the lucky boards and the Midnight Mania ... this should explain our huge inventory problem).

S-curve lounger from Prism.

Aqua side chair with nice anims from Senzafine.

Outdoor lounge set (2nd lounger not pictured) from JJ Lanes.

Hilarious bubble chair I have no use for but just love from  Fantastic Furniture.

Lludmila can't take more of this hunting ... chair by  Prism!

Country bench with, like, a gazillion anims from Pillows & Things.

Bean bag chairs and a lamp from Bag Lady Design. BLD is one
of my current favorite shops thanks to 60L Weekends and the fact that
she puts the hunt items out on the deck so you don't kill yourself looking.

Amusing clock with kitchen theme from PDN's Potpourri ... hunts and lucky chairs EV'rywhere!

Grandfather mantel clock just the right size for Lludmila (does this make it a
grandson clock?) from Closer to Heart.

Coffee mug and a platter of muffins that gives muffins ... for your next meeting
from SFW Industries.

Lucky Chair item from Pillows and Things (see above country bench).
The animations were so much fun that Lludmila was reluctant to give this up.
Note how it swamps her in the upper right picture.
Fortunately, it was mod (although it claimed it wasn't)
and we shrank it down to her size in the bottom picture!
Yay! We can keep it!

Not pictured: the houses. OMGosh!  One of them was simply huge and furnished even including a bathtub, a bar, and a bartender!   Please remember that some of these items were from sources other than the Happy Home Hunt.  I just imagine that if you are like me, you don't just do one hunt at a time.

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