Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Much Fun ...

Ooo, pretty!

... Should be illegal.  We were just celebrating the US Independence Day and our friend searched her inventory for some sparklers but instead attached fireworks.  This led to a fabulous display of particle emission and ended in a conflagration that continued even after she logged off.

Who hasn't been in this position?  You only mean to take off one attachment or replace one and all your clothes and attachments vanish.  You make the mistake of opening a folder a stranger has given you that had an innocuous title and suddenly the whole sim is particle-bombed.  You can't hear anything going on and solicit all sorts of advice, emptying cache, logging off and on, toggling - only to discover that your headphones aren't plugged in.

When things like that happen to us, it can be somewhat embarrassing, but the delight it brings to spectators and the stories we create in our little minds make it all worthwhile.  Learning to laugh at ourselves isn't the easiest skill to acquire, but at least from the other side of the monitor your reactions are masked and a strategically typed, "LOL, aren't I the doofus?" makes you look well-adjusted and easy-going.   In other words, it Builds Character.

There, that's another good reason to spend time in the virtual universe.

But perhaps not as much time as I spend.

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