Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Comfty Chair

Cal contemplates the winning photo.

Cal is a real trouper. So far he has been on three grueling photo shoots with Lludmila for contest purposes.  This involves, 1) dressing in something other than brown, and 2) being forced onto silly poseballs or standing around for ages waiting for us to find the just the right silly poseball.  I suppose he wouldn't put up with it at all if his RL person had to be present.  We've made the first cut on one, got an also-ran consolation prize on another, and won the [kusshon] contest!  To thank him for his work, we cut him in on the prizes: a guitar stool that comes with a guitar and strumming animation (as well as other animations - because Cal's RL persona is a guitar person)!

The guitar stool makes it all worth while.

Lludmila got to pick out some things for herself, notably the comfy chair (without the pointy cushions or the shouting that makes it worse) with the sewing, knitting, and tea drinking animations she always coveted but was too cheap to actually buy.

Lludmila loses count. "Goshdarnitalltoheck!"

To celebrate the new line of mesh Pearl Eyes (not pictured - I wasn't organized enough) at the companion store, Poetic Colors, [kusshon] has put out a freebie pair of color-change glasses.  So it just gets better and better!

Lludmila loves these so much, she may never take them off.

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