Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time And Again

Lonelyyyy, I'm so lonelyyyyyy ...

This is like the Great Bed of Ware-ever It Was at the Vic & Al,
only in blue!

Hail to thee, Viking person - bist thou new in town?

Whatta huge pile of pillows!

Shedding a little light on the subject.

Okay, I'm taking down names ...

This was so big, only 2/3 of it fit in the photoblock.

I'm going to sit here until you take back what you said about my mother.

Dere Lludmila -
 I thanke thee fore the usage of thy howse inne the skye ...

There's hardly time to describe everything from the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. I give up!

Bench for two with greenery, Medieval Fantasy Hunt, Tharyn Design
Palace Baroque bed, MFH, G-Builds
Medieval cart with leaning anim, BearCub
Pile o' Pillows, MFH, MTC Designs
Candelabra, MFH, Habitation
Parchment and quill, Swan
Whitewashed fireplace, Poems of the Mists
Bench with shield, MFH, Otentika
Writing table and chair (Japanese house and tea tray not included), MFH, Trident

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