Monday, June 4, 2012

Decorative Obsessions

Bag Lady Design prize for the Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt

The trip to Zinnia's from the blog below that netted me that hammock fabuloso just whetted my appetite for more furnishings.  And that's what The Cookie Jar is all about.  Lludmila came back with tasteful shelving, couches, a 3-tier potting bench, a framed swing ... and there would be more photos, but Cal insisted on our taking pictures of his haul.  [Great free clothing for men is thin on the ground.]  Anyway, don't miss the Cookie Jar anniversary hunt.  Above is Lludmila's favorite acquisition from Bag Lady Designs (a shop she's fond of anyhoo), a couch, coffee table, and crabby artwork perfect for Lludmila's current little shack.

Lludmila really really really wants this house but ...
Once at Zinnia's Lludmila couldn't help herself.  She really really really wants a southwestern style house to go with all the great southwestern furnishings, so she was fairly drooling over everything at Zinnia's.  There are also two little houses for sale.  The Mexican one is to die for, and only 500L (which is, like, 425L more than Lludmila likes to pay for things that don't have saddles, gaits, and whinnies) but there's this one teensy problem.  See if you can pick it out.

The first four people who spot the problem, if they IM Lludmila Mirrikh inworld, they will win a cute summer prize!

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