Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Storm of Fantasy

Lludmila and her Bad Arse Bow.

It's time for the Medieval Fantasy Hunt!  Lludmila winnowed her inventory down to just above 40K and braved the perfect storm of  outfits, furnishings, weaponry (ohhh, check out the Bad Arse Bow from GTS Design Weapons ... There goes another noob, up in flames!

Fancy fire arrow - Oh, I needed that today!

Seriously, whoever thought archery could be so much fun.  The bow fires rope, prim, or mesh arrows.  And there are some fun arrows that flame or smoke.  I thought just blowing up a target noob was entertaining.  You should see instant immolation!

Exhausted after following all the clues.

[noctis] had a wonderful bed as a hunt prize, but Lludmila also spent quite a bit of time there trying out the regular furniture.  The beds are rumpled and the avatar snuggles down into the covers.  I was hoping the hunt prize would be as nice, and it was - it was amazing.

Zolio RP Realm had you go on a quest for their prize.  It doesn't take terribly long and they give you a costume and a torch to light your way.  That was a lot of fun.  We didn't have time to do all the shops on the hunt, but it looks like there will be a good haul for those with a medieval taste.

The hunt starts at United Inshcon and there are only about 60 shops.  The hunt page has the landmarks and the clues so even a complete idiot (Cal, I'm talkin' about you) can manage it.

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