Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Chair, mudroom cabinet, table, photo frames.

Happy Birthday mini-hunt at FD Decor - ten little presents (well, one of them is huge) to find around the shop.  They aren't hidden, just sitting out in the open.  Not all are pictured and the frosted glass chandelier below was from the lucky chair.

Topiary, sconce lamp, chandelier, bookends, small lamp.

You know, the more I look at those books with the bunny bookends the more I think they're RL(tm) items and not  just virtual goods.  There was a lot of interesting merchandise at FD Decor and Lludmila spent a lot of time there.

Tuscan fountain and Lava Lamp!

And that's not all she spent!  She actually bought these items!  We have a lava lamp at home and used to turn it on after going to bed and wait for it to warm up and blob around.  The lamp is plugged into a remote so I just needed to press a button to turn it off before going to sleep.  Then I found the cat was walking on my bedside table and turning it back in during the night.  Anyway, Lludmila was envious, so I got her one in our favorite color (purple).  We could watch it all day.

The fountain looked so beautiful that we had to have that.  We still don't have anywhere to deploy it - probably if we get around to that southwestern house we always go on and on and on about.  The transferable version was only 75L and the lava lamp was 55L.  There's a tip jar at the front desk to show appreciation for the shop's generosity if you don't see something to buy.

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