Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet Spring Rain

Helloooo, Dolly!

The Second Life 24h blog showed some really cute items for sale at the Korean Spring Rain event on Sweet Isle and totally missed the lucky boards and the dollarbies!   We are here to make up for that.  The event runs until June 15.  We won a couple of cute doll "pets" that sit on your shoulder (this one I named Min Hee) and sing a little tune at you if you touch them, and blink.  They can also sit out on a barrel outside your beach shack.

Purple Rain? No, purple hair ... well, purple-ish.

Also available is this spring hair that might be a bit more magenta than purple, with flowers.  Very sweet.

Typical virtual world addict.

I think my favorite is this sin PC bang call 911! wearable computer time overdose scene from *yoyo9*.  Check out the cute details: 

She's still breathing, she must be alive ... well, not exactly dead.

Oh, look! Pogo!

Tip jar automatically sucks one linden off the unwary that touch it.

Available for 1L at the *yoyo9* booth is a chat animation that tosses rose petals as you type.  I love that kind of stuff.

Tossing rose petals chat anim.

There's even more at the Spring Rain Event lucky boards.


SpaceCase said...

Ooh! What a great find! I missed the call 911 board when I first visted. Now I must stalk stalk stalk! Thanks! :)

marfita said...

Some of the boards may be rotating. I know the teddy came up and replaced a different board while I was standing there.