Friday, June 29, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Pretty One

The Lady of the Lake awaits Arthur.

This waiting for Arthur is borrrrring!

Think I'll have a swig of this grail stuff while I wait.

Did you get one of those petite avatars and wonder what to do with it?  You have until June 30 to pick up some accessories for da pitty t'ing in a Holy Grail hunt that starts at Rook Poses.  There's a very pretty blue gown, a throne, your own personal Holy Grail, and some poses.  It's a mini-hunt in more than one sense!  Just a few stops - you've got enough time before the hunt is over!

Lady of the Lake pose pond for both moistened bint and a kneeling knight from Rook Poses (more than one prize at this location).
Lovely mini gown from Deviance
Throne from Rowanwood
Grail from KiaAna
Pictured is a minikin avatar from Caverna Obscura with minimized hair from Clawtooth.

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